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Roster Bug with zero starts

Hey all, we're aware of the issue with lineups locking if you have a driver with zero starts. We'll get that fixed soon as possible! There's been multiple people that experienced it, Updating your lineups before lock time and hitting the reset button before picking your drivers each week will help prevent any problems.


Sorry,had Blaney at Pocono,which was my last start for 12.Seems like since I left a driver in with no starts it bugged out where I couldn't make ANY changes to my lineup.


Best solution in my opinion is to hit “RESET ROSTER” after each race.. and to pick your drivers before qualifying. Sorry if your roster got locked for this week, if you hit reset roster after this race ends it should fix. Post in here if you still have a problem!


I tried to change my selected drivers Saturday but couldn't.I left lineup from Pocono that had Kurt Busch and that left an empty spot in lineup that seemed to bug out the system where I couldn't change my selected drivers or laps led.Not really complaining where I stand points wise,just giving a heads up before it affects in the top 10.


Trying to switch starters I have from my selected lineup but it won't take,any ideas?

Reset lineup

Thanks that worked

Hamlin and Kyle Busch DQd

That really shakes up the results this week.. Boogity, try resetting your lineup and it should give you a clean slate to pick from

not able to pick drivers

I'm not able to pick drivers for next weeks race


While we were at Pocono today- the late switch with Ty Gibbs racing for Ku Busch tweaked a few players lineups, giving them extra points. Also, the results and points were updated after the 11 and 18 were DQ’d. We will have the Gibbs/KuBusch error fixed up tomorrow morning! -Thanks

Ty Gibbs

Will receive points. Scoring will score him like a regular cup driver! And boogity, I would try a new device to pick your drivers. I haven’t had any other errors with that anywhere.

Ty Gibbs in for Kurt Busch

Will Gibbs earn points for the league? Cause Bob Pockrass said he won't due to running for Xfinity Series points


Try doing it on something else or get a new phone.

did it again??

I tried making lineup changes on my cell phone yesterday and when I changed an A driver it deleted one of them what is going on???

D driver change on today race

I tried on my cell phone to change from McDowell to Stenhouse and when I selected to start Stenhouse and his name was deleted and I can’t re add his name????

Box score link You can find that link in the race results page every week during the race, shows proof of all the scoring.


All stage points awarded in the race get added into their fantasy score, just like real life. He won a stage, got points in the other stage, and led laps for another point

Ross Chastain

Is it because Chastain won 2nd stage he still scored 27 point's? even though he was out of the race. Just curious.


Happy Mother's Day! :D

Good morning and happy race day!

Good news... 0% chance of rain today!!

Rain delays

Gosh I hate rain delays. It looks like I picked a couple of duds up to this rain delay up to this point. I have no idea why he's so bad today and in the back , I missed the green flag, I don't think he qualified that bad to be in the rear of the field. But never the less I'm shocked his car is this weak today. Track drying seams to be going fast

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