Rules and Instructions


  • Speedway Collective is absolutely free to sign up and play.
  • Game participation is simply for individual enjoyment.
  • Driver Selections

  • Select all 8 lineup spots.
  • You may select two drivers per class.
  • Once the first on-track activities begin for the weekend, your 8 drivers are locked.
  • You may switch between the two drivers for each class until the race begins.
  • Enter the number of laps the winner of the race will lead.
  • Starting Drivers

  • Strategize and start your drivers wisely, as you can only start them 6 TIMES per year.
  • Each driver in your starting lineup will be deducted 1 start after the race begins.
  • Once you have 0 starts remaining, that driver will be unavailable for the rest of the season.
  • This adds huge variety to other competitors lineups due to a start limit, resulting in great competition!
  • Classes

  • Drivers are separated into 4 classes: A, B, C, and D.
  • These classes are determined by the driver’s previous year’s performance and other factors such as strength of team.
  • Scoring

  • Race Points
    • Each driver earns points based on their finishing position.
    • Your 4 starting driver's finishing points are added together.
    • If any driver on your roster (Starter or Bench) qualifies in the Top 3, you will earn the following additional points.
      • Pole: 3 Points
      • 2nd Place: 2 Points
      • 3rd Place: 1 Points
      • * If qualifying is rained out, no qualifying points will be awarded for that week.
      • Due to the Covid pandemic, races without qualifying will have no qualifying points.
      • For the 8 races with qualifying, rosters will lock when the first practice begins. Races without qualifying will have the rosters open until the green flag.
    • 1 point is awarded to every driver who leads a lap.
    • 2 points are awarded to the driver who leads the most laps.
    • * No qualifying points will be awarded for the Daytona 500 weekend.
    • Tie-Breaker
      • In the event of a tie, the team who chooses the closest number of laps led by the winner will be scored ahead of the competitor.
      • If a tie still exists, the position is awarded based on number of qualifying points earned.
      • If a tie still exists, the position is awarded based on earlier registration date.
    • * If a driver is disqualified after post-race inspection, their race points will be adjusted to 1 point.
      • Qualifying and stage points will still count if he is disqualified after post-race inspection.
    • * If a driver fails qualifying inspection and has their qualifying time disallowed, their fantasy qualifying points will be reduced to 0.


  • Season Long Points Format.
    • Standings are based on total points earned throughout the entire 36 race season.
    • Most points at the end of the season wins the championship.