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Appreciation post.

The end of the 2019 NASCAR season has come and I just want to thank everyone for signing up and playing with us here at SC! It’s been a super fun time competing against you guys and I hope to see everyone back again next year for the 2020 season! We will be providing Cup, Xfinity, and Truck series fantasy racing beginning in February at the start of next season. New looks and features are in store for the off-season, and we greatly appreciate any feedback or ideas for us to add. Congratulations to YMLarson on winning the championship in a dominating fashion! Everyone enjoy the winter time and have a happy holidays! Hope to see you all here again next year!

I agree

Its been a great year can't wait till next year and hopefully I can hang on for at least a top 5 finish in the final standings. I think it is down to the top two for this year championship.

Re: Great year

It's been great having you Keystone, you were competitive and one of the front runner all season long. We're grateful to have you and everyone else who signed up this season, and can't wait to get to work to get ready for next season. Good luck today everyone!

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