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Finally a week where rain can't ruin the race! Should be fun to watch, good luck all

Driver Starts remaining

Hey I don't mind telling everyone to don't panic about be being up top on the leader board, cause I've screwed the Pooch!! I've done burnt up 10 of the best drivers, this has went on for the last three weeks and I've lost my big point lead. I wouldn't be afraid to say some of you guys 200 points behind me will pass me by the last race. But who knows I have several great teams with still six starts I could very well limp my way through this but I highly doubt it. It's been a great year , and a fun year

Roster Bug with zero starts

Hey all, we're aware of the issue with lineups locking if you have a driver with zero starts. We'll get that fixed soon as possible! There's been multiple people that experienced it, Updating your lineups before lock time and hitting the reset button before picking your drivers each week will help prevent any problems.

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1 BoggyBoggy 185
2 Cortana 166
3 Chasingyou33 148
4 Roadkill2963 147
5 speedfreak12 144
6 BMB Motorsports 140
7 RyanS99 137
8 DPuma13 134
9 FrenchieTO 131
10 robloxirlstuff 129