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Nice Run Today

Currently P2


You know the last several weeks I've been trying hard to lead all three racing leagues and I've about decided that right now where I stand maybe as close as I'll probably get at doing that but I'll continue to accomplish that goal though. In the Xfinity league I'm 1st up 27 points. In the trucks I'm 2nd 8 points back. And in cup race I'm not quite sure but I think I'm 3rd twelve points back. This just may be the closest I'll get to lead all three leagues..... lol... But man what a incredible tale I would have to tell if I could lead all three leagues at the same time ... 😆


I thought by now everyone would know that by now. One of the first games we played in the Trucks, Xfinity league I learned that, these two leagues swap out several drivers I just one car. Its best to set your cars later in the week and not worry.


We don't update the rosters for the upcoming week until the entry list is released, which is usually by Tuesday. If you select your lineup before we update the rosters, you may select a driver who is not in the upcoming race. Austin Cindric raced last week at COTA. So if somebody set their lineup for Charlotte immediately after COTA, it would be possible to pick Cindric. I recommend setting your lineups on Thursday or Friday as the rosters will definitely be up to date by then. If you select your lineup early in the week, you risk selecting a driver who is not racing in the upcoming race.

C Class Snafu

I see that 5 of us pick #33. So it's got to be something in the setup . Was thinking my computer was at fault, but too many for an isolated incident

C class selection

Can someone explain why I was allowed to pick #33 A. Cendrick for the race today?


I’m sure there are odds type listings for the races online if they were to help. Me personally I just pick drivers that are good at whatever track is up, as long as I don’t burn up too many starts on that driver doing so. Best advice- just pick with your instinct. A lot of this on here is majority luck, it’s like a lottery. Lol good luck this week

Looking for assistance

I've done really well on the truck and Xfinity leagues. Any free sites that assist with cup series. Looking for any help the leaders can offer


If you started a Cup driver in any of Saturday’s races in Truck or Xfinity series, their starts were deducted on the Cup side on accident. So for example you will have a start remaining missing if you started Kyle Busch in the Xfinity race. We will get that fixed in the morning... Good luck!


Reminder! -Since NASCAR is having practice and qualifying this weekend the rosters will lock SATURDAY MORNING before first practice begins. -Top 5 qualifiers give out bonus points for those who chose them. -After practice begins, you can switch between your starter and bench driver anytime until the race starts. -Only races with practice and qualifying rosters lock early so we can imply our qualifying point system which we built years ago but hasn’t been to good use with COVID. ——(For those who will probably not choose in time and write on here, pick your drivers sooner so things like that won’t happen) —— GOOD LUCK! -DuPont Flames

Crap !!!

80 laps into this Darlington race and I have two cars that absolutely SUCK although it's a lot of racing left. ...... 😂

Wow !!!

Talking about the wheels coming off your wagon. I'm still shocked at Larson's performance. But he was just one of three wheels that come off my


They announced that next year's spring race will be on dirt. I'm looking forward to seeing that again 😃 ..


Gosh I was in for a very good finish and would have took over 1st place but Truex Jr cut a tire down on the green and white checker ended ended up at the back of the field, although a made up a lot of points and pulled within 13 points of the leader. A bunch of great cars got crashed out and I wanted to start a number of those cars at the start of the race so yeah.. I'm happy and enjoyed the dirt race. They announced that next spring race will be


🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨With the return of on-track qualifying this week at Bristol dirt, your 8 man roster will lock on Saturday right before the qualifying heats begin. With that, the return of the qualifying bonus points, which we haven’t had since the DAYTONA 500. I am posting this in here as a heads to all players since your team will lock ON SATURDAY, instead of Sunday. You can then switch between your starter and bench driver from qualifying lock time til the race lock time.


UH how do u race?

CammyCakes Wins the Duel in the Desert

The #5 team put up 146 points to take the win in Phoenix!! Winning lineup: 22, 12, 20, 99


I skipped Daytona. We'll see how THAT works. Lol. Saving a pick. Who knows who gonna win that!

Reset button.

Before making your picks I would consider hitting the “Reset Roster” button to clear your previous weeks roster which would erase a driver that isn’t racing in the upcoming race. (Definitely a little hard to keep track of with so many driver changes and random starts in series)


Ok, I understand what your saying, but I picked him between Tuesday, and the day of the race, and saved the selection. So I'm still trying to figure out the snafu.

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