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Ok... I thought that may have been your name..... lol ... I can't seem to get a hold of all three leagues lead but I'm giving it my .. but I won't quit trying. I'll burn my cars up trying but I'm going to try to lead all three leagues at once. I was close awhile back but no cigars.... Man it's been a blast trying though. I love this league you guys have here and I'm so glad to have stumbled across it. I've been totally lost when Yahoo shut down.

Jockey Made In America 250

How about the finish this week in fantasy?! jerryw and Aaron24 tied with 151 points, with jerryw taking the win with an EXACT match on the laps led. jerryw picked 24 laps, while Aaron24 had 25, came down to one single lap to decide the winner this week. Exciting finish!


My name in this league is just my name, but i usually go by Rac1nJas0n, forgot to change it for this league though!

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