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Running Low

Out of starts with most drivers as well, time to watch this ship sink

Car less 🚗

Man I SUCK so bad from burning up ALL of my top cars in all three leagues ...... lol....I don't even bother to look at the Guys and Gal's it's been great playing this game with y'all. As I said I like to stay up in the top five as long as I can and use up the good cars. It's fun for me to try to hang on but it don't get much worse then where I run you'll find me at the bottom every week after a race. I've had enough of doing this now. NEXT YEAR I'M GOING TO MANAGE MY CARS ALL THE YEAR. but I promise you this I don't like for 3/4 of the racing year not to see myself into top 5 or so but I'm going to shoot for the end of the year this time. Play catch-up next year.... 😂 It's been a blast

No one left

Down 10

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3 Nascar422288 144
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5 Zaczel3 139
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7 ThorSport88 138
8 Sisie24 137
9 BRuss63 133
10 Bredcay 133