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Appreciation post.

The end of the 2019 NASCAR season has come and I just want to thank everyone for signing up and playing with us here at SC! It’s been a super fun time competing against you guys and I hope to see everyone back again next year for the 2020 season! We will be providing Cup, Xfinity, and Truck series fantasy racing beginning in February at the start of next season. New looks and features are in store for the off-season, and we greatly appreciate any feedback or ideas for us to add. Congratulations to YMLarson on winning the championship in a dominating fashion! Everyone enjoy the winter time and have a happy holidays! Hope to see you all here again next year!

I agree

Its been a great year can't wait till next year and hopefully I can hang on for at least a top 5 finish in the final standings. I think it is down to the top two for this year championship.

Re: Great year

It's been great having you Keystone, you were competitive and one of the front runner all season long. We're grateful to have you and everyone else who signed up this season, and can't wait to get to work to get ready for next season. Good luck today everyone!

Great year

I just wanted to tell you guys before Sunday that it’s been a blast playing with y’all this year and I’m already looking forward to playing next year, with only 6 starts on the drivers I didn’t hold back none and went all out to stay on top and had the best cars burned up before halfway of the season.... lol.... I wanted to just see how long I could stay up around the top of the chart. It’ll be different next year I’ll pace myself better this coming year and be there in the end instead of the beginning, but it’s awesome to see your race team up top for a pretty long while, and I did that ...... lol.. next year guys I’ll be way way better and hopefully a serious contender got the championship. Thanks guys !!!!

First Data 500 Results

In his first race, Kyle08rit raced to victory in the First Data 500, earning 165 points. The winning lineup was 19, 11, 6, 95. YMLarson finished 55th with 90 points, allowing Dupont Flames to close the gap in the points standings to -110 with three races remaining in the 2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series season.

Hollywood Casino 400 Results

In his first race of the season, DaBeard66 earned the victory in the Hollywood Casino 400 with a score of 149. Hectic restarts shook up the running order late in the race, and DaBeard66 was able to stay out front and avoid the carnage behind. The winning lineup included Elliott, Hamlin, Byron, and Wallace, who lost a tire in the closing laps. YMLarson lost ground in the standings with an 82nd place finish in Kansas, while Boogity finished 42nd, moving to -120 points behind in the standings. Four races remain, now is the time to use those drivers you've been saving your starts with, good luck!

On the pole at Kansas!

Hopefully that will lead to a good weekend. 500 Results

RobbyGordonRulz survived multiple Big Ones to win the 500 at Talladega Superspeedway, scoring 162 points. The winning lineup was 22 | 12 | 17 | 34. Points leader YMLarson finished 24th overall to increase his points lead over Dupont_Flames to 142 points with five races remaining. Will anybody be able to take down YMLarson's reign atop the points? Tune into Kansas to find out.

DuPont Flames

Let’s go get em man !!! We’re in this wagon together !!!!!!

Rain Rain

Go Away 🌧🌧

Drydene 400 Results

Bcollins2000445 earned his first victory of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series season with a score of 179, one point ahead of Jets 8184. Both contenders had the same starting lineup: 19 | 11 | 24 | 95, and the difference maker was Chase Elliott, who earned 1 point on the bench for Bcollins. Up next: 500 at Talladega Superspeedway... saddle up.

totally screw that one up

Right before grenn flag dropped I changed my A driver from Elliot to Larson LOL that cost me about 20 points

Bank of America ROVAL 400 Results

fatboy2003 takes the checkered flag in the Bank of America ROVAL 400 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Road Course with a season-high score of 187. The winning lineup was 9 | 14 | 24 | 34 - and 4 points with Alex Bowman on the bench. YMLarson extends his points lead once again to 108 over Boogity. Up next: The Monster Mile at Dover International Speedway.

The Roval is treacherous

Who’s going to survive & win today?

New Page: Driver Starts Remaining

This time of the season is tricky as we all start to run out of starts with our drivers. To keep track of all this, I added a “Driver Starts Remaining” page, which can be accessed by clicking the “View Driver Starts” button on the bottom of the league page. This page will show us how many starts a member has with each driver. Use the dropdown to select which member you would like to view. I’ll make this more accessible in the near future, and you may have to clear your browser cache to see some updated styles. Enjoy!

Another top 10!

Only 8 races left, lost some ground this week but still a good finish not sure if I can catch YMLarson he is making me wear out my tires trying to catch him. Hopefully I can keep it going next week!

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