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I totally agree with you on the Colby Howard placing. But, with the strength of the truck along with William Sawalich for example racing the truck majority of the year I decided to just keep the 1 truck in B class for the whole year to keep the classes even (size wise). Mainly, because this website isn’t built the best and by switching a trucks class each week can easily cause a bug. For example if I moved the 1 truck (Howard) to D class for this week, and someone still had Briedinger from the previous week starting in the B-class - it’ll break the team and cause a bug. So to break it all down it’s mostly centered around trying not to break the site by moving the trucks around class by class. Hope my explanation helps a bit. The way I look at it- it’s even playing field for everyone, it’s Deff not perfect but it gets us by lol. Thank you for the feedback, will Deff keep your suggestion in mind for next years classes. It’s pretty tough to guess and estimate performance lol


I'm glad to hear that it's at least not a bug that forces all of the drivers on a team to have the same class. It's pretty neat that you average a car's skill set. My main concern is that some of the weaker drivers (usually pay drivers) in strong equipment are heavily overrated, and therefore nobody is selecting them for race day. For this weekend, Colby Howard is rated as a class b driver, despite being a class d driver in terms of performance. I don't think that a driver's class needs to be adjusted on a weekly basis, depending on the equipment they're in (Joe Graf in JGR vs RSS equipment last year). I just think it would be much better if drivers can be rated individually, on their abilities, regardless of who they are driving for.


I place a full-time car with different drivers in classes by average of the drivers skill of all the drivers driving the car that season, along with car strength.* typo from my previous message

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