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Clicking “Reset Roster” before you pick your drivers after each race will eliminate all drivers not racing from the previous week. This will avoid mistakenly choosing a driver who isn’t in that weeks race.

Fixed it!

Sorry fellas.. forgot to set a date and time when practice starts. Should be all good now!

line up for Xfinity Series won't change

Like others my Xfinity Series line up is locked for me and it won't allow me to change my guys. I picked multiple cup guys, so hopefully this get's resolved before Friday.

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1 BoggyBoggy 185
2 Cortana 166
3 Chasingyou33 148
4 Roadkill2963 147
5 speedfreak12 144
6 VenHadken 140
7 RyanS99 137
8 DPuma13 134
9 FrenchieTO 131
10 robloxirlstuff 129