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Champion 🏆

Congratulations DuPont_Flames 🔥. Y'all did a awesome job this year and I had a blast. This Xfinity series wasn't kind to me this .. I had terrible races. Unlike the truck series where it was very generous to me. Once again congratulations Tyler !!!


Clicking “Reset Roster” before you pick your drivers after each race will eliminate all drivers not racing from the previous week. This will avoid mistakenly choosing a driver who isn’t in that weeks race.

Fixed it!

Sorry fellas.. forgot to set a date and time when practice starts. Should be all good now!

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1 Swampmanracing 164
2 RyanS99 164
3 cutzer243 162
4 KMS18 159
5 TDUB1313 154
6 Stout 154
7 Rac1nJas0n 154
8 Sisie24 154
9 CHIL2D 150
10 RowdyRainbow 150