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Please check back once the season begins.

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I really enjoy racing and pick the driver too.

Congrats everyone, I'm looking forward to next 2021 with a full time. DarkTaker and Dark Nation Motorsports will be there next years of 2021. -DarkTaker-

Fun year of racing

Congratulations to the champion. And a big shout out the the guys that put this on for us, I for one very much appreciate the work and effort yall put into it so we all can enjoy the year of racing. I had a blast, I still ran out of good cars near the end even though at the start of the season I wouldn't do that again this year... lol.... But I think my 3, 11, 10 place finishes in our three leagues are pretty respectable. I'm happy with that. My buddy Swampman also finished very well. One league I think I finished 2 points ahead of him.... lol... we had an awful fun year guys and I'll be back next year. God Bless each in everyone of you. Till next year peace to all. One more thing .... I'm in two high dollar fantasy football leagues and the highest money league I'm currently 1st at. 7 - 2 and in the other league I'm tied with first at 6 - 3. A six game win streak in the big one and in the other league I have a five game win streak. I can't believe I'm kicking some butts and having these current win streaks.

What a year!

Congrats to Fireboy racing on winning. Congrats to g2fetterman on winning the championship. I look forward to competing with you guys full-time in 2021. Thanks for a great year.

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Please check back once the season begins.