How to Prepare Fantasy NASCAR Roster

How To Prepare Your Fantasy NASCAR Lineup In 2019


Speedway Collective is an all-in-one NASCAR fantasy auto racing website where you can select drivers, manage rosters, and follow real driver and fantasy stats. Before the NASCAR season begins at Daytona International Speedway this weekend, here are some tips on how to effectively prepare your fantasy NASCAR driver roster each week. The roster has two different aspects to focus on before the race begins.

Each Week Leading Up to the Race

During the week (usually Monday to early Friday) is when you select the 8 drivers you believe will perform best leading into the race weekend. This is where you may select any two drivers from each class to be in your lineup. This is a great time to review stats to see how each driver performed at the upcoming track in prior years.

The “Driver Selection Deadline” is when the first practice of the race weekend begins.

Once the cars hit the track for the first practice of the weekend, the driver selection area will lock and you are committed to the 8 drivers on your roster for the weekend. Once your 8 drivers are set, you can still switch your “Starter” and “Bench” drivers for each class up until 5 to 30 minutes before the green flag drops and the race begins.

For example, let’s say after qualifying you review the performance of your 8 drivers on your roster. If the A Class driver on your roster in the “Starter” position qualifies 30th, while the A Class driver on your “Bench” qualifies 2nd, you might consider switching the two drivers before the race begins.

The “Green Flag” is 5 to 30 minutes before the race begins. From there, the starting lineup locks and you are committed to starting those 4 drivers for the race.

To review, there’s two aspects in dialing in the ideal fantasy lineup for the race weekend. Early in the week before the first practice is an excellent time to review prior races at the upcoming track to find the 8 best drivers for the weekend. After the first practice begins, your 8 drivers are set. From those 8 drivers, you determine who you want to start based off their practice and qualifying performances. Once the race is underway, your 4 starting drivers are locked in.

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